According to a survey conducted by the Skateboarding Association of America, Los Angeles is one of the top cities for skateboarding in the United States, alongside cities like San Diego, Portland, and New York. The survey also found that over 6 million people in the United States consider themselves skateboarders, with a majority of them under the age of 25.


Los Angeles Skate School is Los Angeles oldest skate school

  • We have over 15 years of instructional experience.
  • We have taught professionals and X-Games atheletes, like Shawn White.
  • Our reputation is nationwide.
  • Los Angeles Skate School provides customized private in-person lessons serving all cities in the Los Angeles metro area, including Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Pasadena, Torrance, Glendale, Norwalk, San Fernando Valley, Malibu, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Rancho Palos Verdes and others

  • We offer lessons for all ages and abilities.


  1. Los Angeles Skate School certified instructors are offering lessons in multiple skateparks in LA, including most iconic skate spots:

  2. Venice Beach Skatepark at 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291

  3. El Sereno skatepark at Klamath St, Los Angeles, CA 90032

  4. Stoner Skate Plaza at 1835 Stoner Ave #1801, Los Angeles, CA 90025

  5. JKWON Plaza at 3700 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

  6. Griffith park at Mineral Wells Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Thanks Rob. I’m feeling way more confident.
Janna Williams
Janna Williams
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Both of my kids loved the lesson and the technique the instructor taught. Thank you so much!
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Look forward to the next training session.
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Previously I learn on another school, but nothing to learn there. I am happy to learn here as I am starting to gain confidence while skateboarding.

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Commonly Asked Questions

LA Skateboard School teaches all ages (from 3 years old to adult.)


Ability-wise, the team's expertise is in beginner instruction.  However, intermediate and advanced instruction can also be very effective.

Typically, lessons include the travel to and from your home or nearest skatepark.


Also, if you do not have equipment, the lessons can include a free loaner skateboard for the duration of the lessons

For beginners, it is recommended to take a minimum of 4-6 lessons.  This is the minimal required to master the transportation basics.  Only with this foundation, can you fully enjoy skating.

With safety in-mind, LA Skate School recommends to those with less than 90 days of riding experience to start with a 1-on-1 lesson.

This individualized care minimizes the risk of falling and maximizes the enjoyment.  In addition, the cost of an at-home private lesson is usually equal to that of a class.

Of course, you may choose to enroll in one of our classes or camps with less experience.  This is also entirely possible.  Just know- you will forfeit some progress and safety.

A variety of options are available.  La Skate School usually makes you an offer by phone based on your location and needs.


Lessons can start at $129 and up


(Inquire below)

Absolutely.  We are confident you will love this experience.  Try a lesson and see what all the fuss is about!


(Inquire below)

Top Rated Skateboarding Lessons in LA Since 2009

parent & Student Video Testimonial


Los Angeles Skate School provides skateboarding classes for all ages and all levels, we had 3 yo prodigy and also 85 yo beginner

We are the only Full LA County provider of skate classes and programs through our local networks and sponsored skateboarders.

Our school provides 1-on-1 private skate lessons as well as group Los Angeles skate camps.

Skate lessons last an hour and we will teach you proper balance, how to oillie, how to turn, how to push, and much more. At advanced levels, we can teach rail and flip tricks.

Some of Our Students

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Hours of Operation

9 AM-5PM


Payment Methods

VISA, Mastercard

or American Express

phone number



Our Offerings


Private 1 on 1 Lessons

The Most Ideal option for a majority of students. Safe and Fastest Progress

Skateboard Classes

We sometimes offer free and trial classes. Typically, classs are best when students already have some experience on the board.

Skateboard Camp

Ranging from 7-14 Days. An intensive program for those who really want to improve

Free Skateboarding Lessons in LA area during Go Skate Day


Calling all skateboarding enthusiasts! Experience the thrill of learning to skateboard in Los Angeles during our Go Skate Day event on June 21st and throughout the weekends to follow. Our dedicated Pro Instructors, sporting branded Tees, will be waiting for you at three fantastic locations:

El Sereno Recreation Center (4721 Klamath St),

Spohn Ranch Skateparks (6824 S Centinela Ave),

Chevy Chase Park (3002 1/4 Acresite St).

Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of LA’s skateboarding community and embark on a journey of progression and fun.

Learning to skateboard in LA is a fantastic idea for kids as the city boasts a rich skateboarding history and vibrant skateboarding culture, with legendary pro skaters like Tony Hawk, who grew up in the Los Angeles area, serving as an inspiration and role model for aspiring young skaters.

They can immerse themselves in a thriving community, explore world-class skateparks, and have the opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of skateboarding on the city’s identity.

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